About Me

Hello my name is Burton I’m 35 and I having dealing with knee pain for more than three years. The pain in my knees had made it impossible to walk, sit or stand without a great deal of pain. On the verge of giving up hope, I decided to change and the first thing I decide to do was to talk about it, if only to keep the spirit up that is why I have decided to create this blog and share my experience and the thing that helped relief the pain.

You certainly know that bad postures or bad movements can cause back problems. It’s exactly the same for your knees! After years and years of bad habits, you can start to feel pain.

Why do we hurt our knees? This is often the result of bad pressure that has been going on for months or even years.


Knee pain is certainly one of the least bearable of the human body. We feel weak, tired, lazy … In short, it’s really not easy to manage. Try the best you can to avoid anti-inflammatories. Even if they soothe you at the moment, they are very bad and sometimes dangerous for your health! ibuprofen can cause heart problems, risks of ulcers, hepatitis, kidney problems …

One solution: change your bad habits. Rather than trying to treat the symptoms, attack the root causes, the focus of your knee pain.


First routine: to have the knees tucked in: this increases the torsion of the knee joint, damages the cartilage and the meniscus and affects the anterior cruciate ligaments. If your ligament is affected, it no longer helps to maintain your bones, and therefore increases the risk of them rubbing each other. In addition, your kneecap instead of going down and up when you walk, will move slightly to the side and causes friction of the cartilage that causes its wear. This is called degenerative change.

Most people accept this degeneration thinking that this is inevitable with age. Prejudices! Correcting with orthopedic shoes or insoles can cause muscle atrophy, reducing your ability to stabilize and balance, and other knee pain.

Second routine: to have feet in duck. Walking with your feet out can contribute to your knee pain for the same reasons as previously mentioned. Apply to walk straight, tiptoe forward, foot ankle and knee aligned. You will feel an inconvenience at first, but a real relief by changing your habits. If necessary, have a specialist follow you for a light rehabilitation.

Third routine: the way of lifting loads. It is important to squat well to pick up objects. Many of you do not stoop because you think it will hurt your knees, but not stooping is even worse! Indeed, by folding only the back and not the knees, you will place even more pressure on them. Moreover, one of the major causes of osteoarthritis of the knee are weak thighs.

How to bend down? Bend your knees, keeping your heels on the ground (not on the tip of your feet, which transmits weight on the knee joint), and keep your back straight.

Fourth routine: to stand in hyper extension. Some people move by locking the knee joint and putting it in hyper extension. This puts a lot of pressure on it, and damages the cartilage.